November 4, 2011

Super cute, super easy.

The full tutorial is here. I used felt for the green bits and there is lots of red and white fabric in Spotlight now because of Xmas coming up.

I made these on my new SEWING MACHINE!! (Best. Birthday. Present. Ever)

I love how they look in this little bowl (handmade by my mum). I’m not quite sure where they will end up. They might become Xmas tree ornaments, pin cushions or maybe even a mobile for a baby….



Again following instructions from Under the Table and Dreaming, but I recycled used wrapping paper instead, added some gold glitter for glam and raffia to hang it up.

I’m not a huge fan of how these came out and preferred the rosette ornaments I made previously. I used PVC glue and that made it pretty wet to work with. They dried nicely though.

I’ve scored a badge maker and that came with a circle cutter otherwise it would have been painful to cut out all those circles… Smaller circles might be more appealing although it might depend on the size of your tree.. What do you think?

Got my craft on today.

This is one of my October projects for my Calender of Craft. After buying a heart-shaped hole-puncher I had oodles of fun making these. This link will show the specifics of how it’s made but I didn’t use a jam jar lid. Instead I punched out pieces from the book cover, glued a ribbon in between another piece of book cover and voila… c’est magnifique. A little glitter mixed with glue adds a touch of glam.

The lucky recipient was Natalie H. who celebrated her birthday at Siem Riep last night. mmmmm nom nom nom….

I’ve got a couple other projects on the go which I can’t wait to show you! My November project is coming along nicely!

Stay tuned….