Sewing (with fabric) is a hobby, yes indeed. But it’s an accepted fact that collecting fabric, is a whole other hobby. They are mildly related, but not completely.

I’ve got a mound of fabric which I’m determined to make smaller.

Some of it is large useable pieces, but some of it is just leftovers.

So I made a couple of things and I will keep making things until I wrestle that pile into submission!

This item was inspired by this.

I say inspired because I’ve yet to meet a furry octopus! I made for a friend who reads a very much a lot.


purple and pink neck pillow

purple and pink neck pillow

Neck pillow

Looks a bit like the horns!




























This scarf was based on this tutorial. I just love this eastern fabric with it’s lavish reds and golds.

Next time I’ll follow her suggestion of tapering the ends and I think I’ll stretch the fleece a little less. But I think I’ll try this one a few more times.

It’s a fun way to make a functional accessory in a variety of colours. Plus I’m sure they’ll go down well as Xmas presents in the northern hemisphere!


fleece and fabric scarf

My first attempt at lettuce edges.



March 9, 2013

So if you are looking for a way to use up your stash, or if you are like me and you owe a few people a birthday present, I recommended this project.

I amended the pattern slightly by overlapping the flaps and pressing it so that the inner fabric was showing.

Which one is your favourite? Mine is the black with white square pattern and red peeking through. I put the squares lining up down to unconscious competence.

I salvaged that fabric from an adult skirt which became a kid’s skirt but didn’t last long in that incarnation either.