Recycled skirts

October 22, 2012

I got these two skirts for a couple of bucks at the local second-hand shop and tweaked them to fit the girls. I’m learning as I go and made a couple of mistakes but the kids don’t mind.

I’ve realised I need to select skirts with zips now. The better the fabric, the better the outcome!


No-sew Roman blind

October 3, 2012

So, we had this manky curtain and I’ve been longing to bring some pretty fabric into our living room for a while, so I followed this tutorial and ta-daa!

Basically you use a cheapish venetian blind and deconstruct it. The fabric is glued so it’s really pretty easy. The hardest part is measuring. I’m tempted to consider other windows that may need some ‘new’ blinds.

I recommend choosing decent blinds because they are easier to instal. Next time I’ll choose a fabric doesn’t have a diagonal pattern, it looks like I can’t cut straight.

Here are some photos.