Conversation with Kadie (3.75 years old)this morning…


Kadie: chatter chatter chatter… the cat makes flowers. And mum, you love flowers!

Me: Yes I do

Kadie: So you can get married!

Me: Can I?

Kadie: Yes, you can, Dad’s going to marry you

Me: Is he?

Kadie: Dad’s going to marry you because you’re my friend (You’re my friend also means I like/love you)

Me: I don’t want to get married Kadie

Kadie: (I could see the cogs turning) But Poppop married his mom (mom/wife/girl are all interchangeable)

Me: Yes. But I’m happy not being married. Will it make me a better mum?

Kadie: Yes! It will make you a princess!

Me: I’m already a princess

Kadie: No you’re not! (laughs) you don’t have a dress

Me: This is so disturbing…


To make this easier let me illustrate the chain of thought there:

Flowers -> Wedding -> parents married -> because their parents are married -> being married is important -> because it makes you a princess -> who have dresses.


I love the way the mind of a 3.75 year old works! I’m just vaguely disturbed by the correlation of some of items in this conversation….