In other news I have been using home-made laundry detergent for the last two weeks and it’s working great.

I made a 9-litre bucket full of the stuff and keep it in the sink next to the washing machine. I use half a cup per load so this bucket should last me a good loooong while.

The recipe is all over the internet, but I used this one here.

Sometimes I miss the artificial scents, but mostly everything just smells clean. You can add some essential oils in the spin cycle, but I can’t be bothered.

Even better I also mixed some home-made spot remover which works really well. I spray a little on the armpit areas of all my tops and my laundry is as cleaner, probably cleaner than it ever was.

Clean laundry = happy me

(It’s the little things that make me happy)



On the cheaper

June 5, 2012

I’m inspired.

An hour on Pinterest’s amazing list of household tips and things means I am going to experiment with some cost-saving concoctions.

Currently under consideration are:

– Homemade antiperspirants

– Homemade underarm (and other) stain remover

– Homemade dishwasher soap

– Homemade laundry soap

– Homemade cleaning products

– Homemade body lotions

and most radical of all…

– Homemade hair washes with a view to going shampoo-free! (Eek! This one terrifies me, but my hair is frizzy and I love the idea of not needing to wash my hair every other day.)

So I will be researching recipes and techniques for each idea. Living in New Zealand some of the ingredients are somewhat hard to find, but we’ll see how I go!

Stay tuned for adventures in cost-saving concoctions.