I’m super proud of this!

(PS – this is NOT a tutorial)

I used a top I already had as a pattern. For tips on how to do that, check this link. Junk mail was taped together and used to draw the pattern on.

I got a fabric I liked but not loved as this is the first time I’ve done this. Of course I had to choose a top that had a fancy neckline, but it turns out the sleeves were the hardest part!

It took ages for me to figure out what shape to cut the fabric to get the folded edge. (diamond shape!) I lengthened the sleeves as the original ones were a little shorter than I would like for work. I might sew a little elastic in the sides to create a gathered look.

Again, I learned a whole lot. Like what it’s like to sew on stretchy fabric (hard!) and how to cut a pattern (generously!)

I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!













Birthday Dress

September 25, 2012

I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit but I’m posting a picture of AB in her dress which I made.

This was an interesting project. There was no pattern, but the original website explained how to make your own pattern using existing clothes that you know fit.

I mucked up a couple of times and had to do quite a lot of unpicking and resewing but the outcome is that AB loves (and I mean “LOVES”) the dress. Which I love.

Now, what to make next?