May 20, 2011

My latest craft project happened when I had a couple of days at home with a sick kid. I found this post and modified it. I couldn’t keep them a secret and had to share that I made them. Kinda ruined the Xmas surprise though.

Basically the link will explain the technical aspects of how to make them, but instead of sequins I just painted them, sprinkled glitter on them while they were wet and added the dots.

To make the dots I first used the debris from my hole-puncher (I even experimented with using silver glittered paper [ok that is totally a word]) but that didn’t work well so¬† I decided to just dab white paint on them. I also couldn’t find moss so found some weird felt/wool stuff which worked fine. This is perfectly doable as a project with kids. Beware of the Styrofoam mess..

The downside is I now have a slight addiction to my hot glue gun.