Easy Xmas Present

December 7, 2012

Stumped for an easy gift to give loads of people?

I made these and they were so SO delicious.


Here is the recipe I followed. I actually almost forgot to add the water and it was getting late and I was all like; why ain’t this working? And then I remembered, facepalmed and added the water and it turned all gooey and amazing.

Once dry and cool, I packaged them by making a cone from a square piece of paper.

They were a huge hit!



December 10, 2011

I spent the night in the company of witches. 

It must have been so.

There were mothers and crones and maidens about, speaking words and tones so secret and yet so deeply known to me.

Red curly hair and flowing laughter and movement, weaving us all together.

Food kept appearing and appearing and appearing

sour, spicy and sweet and fragrant.

They pulled me into the circle, placed their hands on me, infusing their wisdom

and within the colours and warmth of the light, they whispered kind spells in my ears and bestowed blessings upon my children