Watch me transform my manky flypoo-bespeckled lampshade into a trendy band-spanking new one.

The old shade was nice when it was new. It was a nice cream colour and the shape was pleasing to my eye. A short but wide cylinder.


But the fly poo marks were really getting me down. They were just gross. De-stgusting. Turn away if you are faint of heart. (or  my mum)











So inspired by this link I found through pinterest I decided to use some of my growing pile of fabric to give it a make-over.

I completed it in three simple steps.

Cut the fabric.

Stick it on

Trim the edges


Then spend an hour painstakingly folding under a few inches of the edge and gluing it. Yup, three simple and one tricky, fiddly and very gluey-fingery step.

So four really, four steps.




The original tutorial recommends fabric glue but because I didn’t have any and I wasn’t going to wait until I can be bothered getting some, I used this spay on glue stuff. You have to be careful not to use too much otherwise it bleeds through. I have to say though it worked really well to glue on the main fabric, but was a bit less helpful while doing the edge.


I debated just wrapping the fabric around the edge but I’m glad that I did the folded edge look. It looks pro if I do say so myself.


Flash on








Flash off. This photo is a good reminder to cut the edges straight and small as they do show through.




November 4, 2011

Super cute, super easy.

The full tutorial is here. I used felt for the green bits and there is lots of red and white fabric in Spotlight now because of Xmas coming up.

I made these on my new SEWING MACHINE!! (Best. Birthday. Present. Ever)

I love how they look in this little bowl (handmade by my mum). I’m not quite sure where they will end up. They might become Xmas tree ornaments, pin cushions or maybe even a mobile for a baby….