Birthday Dress

September 25, 2012

I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit but I’m posting a picture of AB in her dress which I made.

This was an interesting project. There was no pattern, but the original website explained how to make your own pattern using existing clothes that you know fit.

I mucked up a couple of times and had to do quite a lot of unpicking and resewing but the outcome is that AB loves (and I mean “LOVES”) the dress. Which I love.

Now, what to make next?


I made an actual dress!

November 10, 2011













Did I mention I got a sewing machine for my birthday (which was in October, late birthday presents are still permissible.) Mum did AB’s (the taller one) and I ‘helped’, mainly by making her cups of tea. But I did KDs and Mum supervised that one… Of course we had jaffa stains on it five minutes later but I love the fabric the kids chose.


Action Shot!