I handed over a couple of presents on the weekend.

1. Cupcakes in a lovingly decorated container… (check out the egg carton flowers!!)


2. Embossed coin charms with pressed flowers (from my garden) presented beautifully in an egg carton ‘box’. Inspired by this.

3. I finally handed over the box of egg carton critters. Word has it he was very pleased!




















Leo loves his present!
Thanks a lot.  He is having great fun with it, and we are waiting for the paint to dry so we can make another owl and penguin, seeing as you only seem to have made one of each! ha!  While we were waiting Leo made his own ladybug with felt pens, so he can have instant results, and use the pink balls and goggly eyes.  You can use it on your website if you like (but obviously no obligation!!!)

He also ‘coloured’ his box and we cut out a door for their home, though lots of them seem to like sitting on the roof…

Thanks again Craft master extraordinaire.


So I was making cupcakes with Kadie (3.5) today and we were both making decent gorilla noise impressions (as you do).

So naturally an old friend came to mind.

This is a friend who I’m technically not friends with anymore. We were friends for close to 2 decades and had a falling out some years ago. I kept the incriminating emails and reread them recently. I must say, with a few years of distance from the emotions at the time, I feel quite sad when I see the words which caused so much damage. I was on a pretty high horse back then and I’m sure that contributed to the problem.

But the point I really wanted to make was how strong her presence in my mind was while baking. I just suddenly knew how much that scene would have tickled her.

I’m struck by how connected I still feel to people I haven’t spoken to in years. It’s like the emotions of a relationship has a scent which lingers for years. And I feel it keenly. This characteristic of mine is  hard to cope with at times, because I have so many good friends who live far away from me. It’s not like I can catch up with them over a pint when the spirit moves me.

It also means that I don’t really let people go. I hold on to the memories and can recall how a moment felt, even if I can’t remember where I was exactly. I collect relationships if you will. I’m on good terms with most of my ex’s. I have friends who I’ve known since I was 9. But even if I’m not in touch with people I still care about them. They’ll pop into my head at random moments when something I associate with them happens and I can feel love welling up inside.

It can be pretty hard. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.