I handed over a couple of presents on the weekend.

1. Cupcakes in a lovingly decorated container… (check out the egg carton flowers!!)


2. Embossed coin charms with pressed flowers (from my garden) presented beautifully in an egg carton ‘box’. Inspired by this.

3. I finally handed over the box of egg carton critters. Word has it he was very pleased!




















Leo loves his present!
Thanks a lot.  He is having great fun with it, and we are waiting for the paint to dry so we can make another owl and penguin, seeing as you only seem to have made one of each! ha!  While we were waiting Leo made his own ladybug with felt pens, so he can have instant results, and use the pink balls and goggly eyes.  You can use it on your website if you like (but obviously no obligation!!!)

He also ‘coloured’ his box and we cut out a door for their home, though lots of them seem to like sitting on the roof…

Thanks again Craft master extraordinaire.


I know it’s only October. I’m getting a head-start. A friend nominated her son for November’s craft project and I’ve been experimenting. (Lisa, avert your eyes if you would like to delay the surprise). Here’s the result:

You won’t believe some of the stuff people make out of egg cartons, check out this amazing lamp and these flowers.

Got my craft on today.

This is one of my October projects for my Calender of Craft. After buying a heart-shaped hole-puncher I had oodles of fun making these. This link will show the specifics of how it’s made but I didn’t use a jam jar lid. Instead I punched out pieces from the book cover, glued a ribbon in between another piece of book cover and voila… c’est magnifique. A little glitter mixed with glue adds a touch of glam.

The lucky recipient was Natalie H. who celebrated her birthday at Siem Riep last night. mmmmm nom nom nom….

I’ve got a couple other projects on the go which I can’t wait to show you! My November project is coming along nicely!

Stay tuned….

Calendar of Craft

October 7, 2011

To motivate and inspire me to create craft and write about it I am announcing my ‘Calendar of Craft’.

I’ll craftify (yes it’s a word) one birthday present each month for a friend or blog reader.

I’m inviting you, dear readers, to nominate yourself and your birthday month if you would like to be on my ‘Calendar of Craft’. If I get two for one month we might need to come up with creative solutions…

First in to comment, first serve!