An invocation for women

June 28, 2013

This is how I opened and closed the Wellington Rape Crisis AGM last night.


Before we start I would like us to just take a few moments.

just to center ourselves

Kale blooms

Kale blooms

to take a deep breath

to close our eyes if we wish

let’s presence ourselves


in this space

in this chair

with these people

in this moment


and I ask that we think of the women

who have been part of our lives

and the journey that has led us here

the women we love

the women we’ve lost

the women we have laughed with

the women we have cried with

the women who we have fought alongside or just fought with

even the women for whom we hold no affection but who may still have taught us lessons that we carry with us

the women we have defended and those who have defended us

The women we nurture and those who have nurtured us


Let us bring their presence

in to the room

To surround us

let us fill our hearts and minds with their memories and warmth

let their wisdom guide our speech

their experience guide our decisions

let their resilience fortify our resolve

let their love infuse our cooperation

let us keep them here with us in the room during our time together

as we pull our attention back to the business at hand

Thank you





As we close our time together, let us take a moment to presence ourselves once more

with a deep breath and a calm mind we reflect on what we have discussed and decided here

and the work ahead

Let us turn our attention again to the women we have brought into the room with us and thank them

Let us be grateful to them for their contributions

Let us appreciate them for their love, their pains, their strong backs and backbones

May we realise that we are among greatness

May we come to know that we are greatness

These women are us and we are them

May we appreciate ourselves


Thank you for being here tonight.



December 10, 2011

I spent the night in the company of witches. 

It must have been so.

There were mothers and crones and maidens about, speaking words and tones so secret and yet so deeply known to me.

Red curly hair and flowing laughter and movement, weaving us all together.

Food kept appearing and appearing and appearing

sour, spicy and sweet and fragrant.

They pulled me into the circle, placed their hands on me, infusing their wisdom

and within the colours and warmth of the light, they whispered kind spells in my ears and bestowed blessings upon my children