Recycled skirts

October 22, 2012

I got these two skirts for a couple of bucks at the local second-hand shop and tweaked them to fit the girls. I’m learning as I go and made a couple of mistakes but the kids don’t mind.

I’ve realised I need to select skirts with zips now. The better the fabric, the better the outcome!


I think I’m officially a sewer. I’m super proud of this one.

I snapped up a second-hand skirt the other day and basically just narrowed it and added straps for a dress for Kadie.

It turned out so cute!

It had two layers so I sew them up separately and I made the straps out of the leftovers. The white bit was part of the original skirt.

I’m also going to put my foot down and say that this is NOT for wearing to school.

(Check out the V-shaped back.)