New flat, new zombie escape plan

August 20, 2015

This is a list of things that go through my head as we settle in to our new flat:

1. Where are the families with kids located?

2. Can I hear the neighbours through the walls?

3. Can the neighbours hear me through the walls?

4. Where exactly does the PFZ (Pants free zone) begin and end or do I have to put down the blinds?

5.  Is the balcony or the window the best way to escape in the zombie apocalypse?

6. Was that stain already here or did we make it?

7. Can we smuggle a cat in here?

8. Maybe I should tell the landlord about that stain?

9. What new rules for the kids can I blame on the landlords? Maybe there is a building rule about bedtimes?

10. How long can I delay unpacking the remaining boxes and suitcases?

11. How should we introduce ourselves to the neighbours if I am too lazy to bake?


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