Our House

January 21, 2015

Tonight is our last night in our house.

Oh I’m sure we’ll be back but we have no idea when. I wanted to take a little time to document why I love this house, this place, that our family has created.

The world is big place, with big problems and I feel very lucky to be able to sit here in a place I can call home and feel safe and peaceful. There are many things I like about this place but there are specific things, soft things that have settled under my skin and tethered me to this place.

It’s the lovely view of the bay framed by the long harakeke flowers, sometimes adorned with chatty Tui. They are not here at the moment, the blooms are all drained. I have enjoyed this view when engaged in that most domestic of duties, hanging up laundry. A humble task which has gently communicated to me that I am lucky, I have people to look after, I have things which need care and I have a place where I can step outside and harness the wind and sun to help me with my task.

It’s the comforting sound of the hot water cylinder restoring it’s reservoir while I wash dishes, another domestic task. I always wished for a kitchen that where I could watch the children play from the sink but instead I love our retaining wall, with the Jasmine that refuses to grow up it despite our efforts of training it. That Jasmine is currently filling our entrance with a heady fragrance that still takes me by surprise. The retaining wall which is behind a Nikau palm that was small once and is next to a Puka that was tiny housewarming gift from family. Now it looms in to your path when you walk past.

It’s quite here, at dawn and dusk the birds became amazingly vocal and I’ve learned to identify Bellbirds. At night, we can hear Ruru or owls. The Huhu bugs crash into our windows and moths, when they get in, spiral in manic circles until they collapse in exhaustion.

There is a sense of space here too. I can look out and see into the distance. I can see trains and the hills I drive past on the way to work and where towns begin and end. This country is beautiful.

We’ve collected lots of memories here. We got married here with many of our nearest and dearest around us. We have spend loud hours playing games with friends and quite evenings immersed in separate distractions.

This space has been created truly though our experiences with people which we’ll remember. But it’s been physically created too. With Stephen’s extraordinary talents and energy, he has manipulated and decorated this space. He has transformed it as have the kids and I with our activity and movement in this place.

When we arrived it was old, empty and unloved and we have loved this house and I think it has loved us in return.



One Response to “Our House”

  1. Sonya said

    Beautiful Karin. Bon chance in your next journey. Can’t wait to hear about the next place you call home. X

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