Time for a new adventure…

December 10, 2014

Well, time we shared some big news publicly. We’ve decided to move! Not just house, not just towns, but across the world! We’re moving to Switzerland in the new year*.

Last year when we spent a long holiday there, I remember a clear moment when Stephen and I were standing by the national holiday bonfire in Rapperswil, looking out over the Zurich lake and we pretty much agreed, that yes, we could both be happy living here.

This decision is also a big part of why we got married earlier this year. When Stephen agreed to give up his job, social circle, proximity to his family and even his ability to communicate easily, I thought that I really needed to provide him with as much immigrational (its a word, ok!) security as I could.

Even though I was born in South Africa, I grew up in Switzerland. It’s ‘home’ to me. Well, as much as any one place can be home. I tend to commit my heart to wherever I am living and so wherever I am becomes home. But Switzerland is where I had many important formative experiences.

Importantly it’s also where my brother, his wife and children live. I’ve lived half a world away from him for 20 years and I just want to be able to share the everyday with him and his family. My dad is also much closer to Switzerland than Aotearoa. Being in Switzerland will enable us to see him and his wife and daughters, my step-family, much more easily. And I’ve got some lovely friends there too 🙂

Sometimes I think I’m nuts. We’ve got so much going for us here! We have a great community here in Titahi Bay and we love the school the kids attend. I’m making great strides at my work, I especially love and respect the people I work with and we have a small business that is humming along nicely.

But this is very clearly not a calculated career-move. This is about extending opportunities for our wider family to spend time together.** I’ve started pulling back from my various obligations and am in discussions with my employer. Working in my current job from overseas is a one possible option and we’re very lucky that this is even a topic of discussion.

The part we are dreading the most will be that we are going to rehome our pets. While we will keep and rent out our house, it’s simply not possible to bring our pets with us. We’ll miss our friends and our extended family but are also very much looking forward to this next adventure.

So watch this space for updates!



*Exact date to be confirmed.

** this refers to my side of the family obviously. I feel very lucky that Stephen is up for this.


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