Soft Kitty, Happy Kitty

June 28, 2014

Sometime ago we bought our kid a toy cat. From the tip shop.

It was in perfect condition and ‘Kitty’ soon became her most favourite toy. A frequently chosen item to bring to school.

And then she disappeared…..

You know how it is, it takes a day or two to notice, then you look in all the usual places, to no avail.

Kadie would cry, often at bedtime. Once I suggested that Kitty might be having adventures, Kadie reminded me that she was only a toy and couldn’t move.

I wasn’t planning on making a replacement, but then I saw some leftover pieces of faux black fur at the local fabric shop. For just six bucks! So no harm in trying I thought.

I jumped on Pinterest and found a suitable tutorial. Here is a link. (Have I mentioned how much I love the internet?)

So I waited for Kadie to be in bed and started. It took me roughly four hours. (A great opportunity to listen to my current audiobook). The kitchen floor slowly became covered in soft fluff. The head was the hardest part, it’s shape wasn’t very well defined, but you can form it a bit with some strategic stitching.


Overall I was pretty please with the outcome. It’s not floppy the way I thought it would be, but that’s probably a function of how thick the fur is and how full you stuff it.

Kadie just loves it.

Totally worth it.



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