It’s my life

June 8, 2014

I’ve had so many thoughts and emotions about the recent shooting by Elliot Rodger.

This blog has captured much of my thoughts (discussing a culture of male entitlement). There have been bucket loads of excellent articles written. Many of which you can find through this link.

I feel really really emotional about this rampage (teary even now). I just feel so beaten down by the constant onslaught of the violence against women. There is a voice in the back of my head that keeps thinking; that could have been me.

I’ve had to turn a man’s advances down numerous times because he couldn’t take no for an answer and I was worried. I’ve had men I’ve turned down become mean and aggressive. I, and many people, have experienced fear due to the actions of a man.

Yes, I’ve felt fear. And today I am feeling very lucky that none of those situations escalated like so many have.

I’m so tired of the media portraying women as trophies, wallpaper, servants, eye-candy, trash.

I’m tired of men treating us like we OWE them something or even like they OWN us.

We are not objects.

We are people who have the same rights to careers, to family, to choice, to bodily autonomy, to safety, to play, to sex, to pursue our dreams and live without the fear that pursuing our chosen pursuits will endanger us.

And the sadness is made worse by the death of Maya Angelou. Her proud and strong feminist voice will be missed.



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