A collaboration over the decades

July 1, 2013

My brother Connor, Granny and me

My brother, Granny and me

I just wrote a book with my Granny.


Ok, hang on, let me back up.

My Granny was an artist. She lived with us for a number of years when I was little and I remember her sculpting, painting with different mediums, sketching and arranging flowers.

She taught me how to make fairy houses in the garden and I remember admiring her many ornaments that she had.

She was just one of those people who made beautiful things. She made things beautiful.

Sadly she sold off many of her works of art, I think to create space for a different future, but those of us who have pieces of her art just love love love them. One of my mum’s most prized possessions is a richly painted ostrich egg.

She painted some amazing watercolor illustrations for children’s stories and they’ve been floating around for years and years.

A couple of years ago, I laboriously scanned them all in to my computer and edited them. The paper had yellowed and so they needed freshening up. I edited the stories and tonight, published one of her stories as an ebook.

I’m still experimenting with it all, but if you’re keen to have a read, please do. If for no other reason to admire her charming paintings.

And there is a bit more where this came from, so I’ll eventually add a couple more stories.

Find the story here. It’s free for now.

Suitable for children of all ages.


One Response to “A collaboration over the decades”

  1. What a terrific tribute to a lovely lady. And congratulations on your hard work. Good luck with the ebook – I hope you get a huge following who will clamour for the rest of the stories.

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