Dearest Friend

April 3, 2013

I hope this letter finds you well.

How are you? I know, it’s been ages since you’ve heard from me. I mean really heard from me. Facebook can only do so much. It’s great for providing a fleeting glimpse of our lives, but it can’t hold a candle to those long chats we used to have.

Remember those?

They were over coffee from your pot, over wine, over coffee (Starbucks, those diners and Memphis Belle), over beer at the bar, over tea at my table. Refill after refill. Cups hot, then cold. Then hot again.

I miss that bench we used to sit on, that table we used to rest our elbows on, the rides on our bike, that walk in the dark, past the houses with their lights on, the fruit trees (I would walk you home, then you would walk me home, and again around), the views we used to drink in, the time we would soak up. Those road trips we used to take.

Oh. The road trips. With the music. The loud music, every word known to us. You were (still are?) on first name basis with them all. Fiona, Tracey, Tori, Ani. Remember that concert? That band? That time we played our guitars in front of our friends?

You were so brave, you were kind, you cheered me up, laughed with me, god, we laughed so hard. Sometimes we were sad together, we sat in silence and we sat in tears.

I’m sorry I haven’t seen you in so long. That I didn’t come to your wedding, your 30th birthday, your wedding, your wedding…

That I didn’t visit you and your newborn, hold your hand when you became single, help clean your house when you moved, celebrate your new job with you and attend your father’s funeral. I wish I could’ve. I wish I had. But you know. It was too far, too expensive, to late….

You understand…

I’ve left it so long. Perhaps too long.

But I believe it’s never too late. Never really too late.

Just to tell you that I do remember.


6 Responses to “Dearest Friend”

  1. Barbara said

    What an amazing letter. You have such feeling, you should consider writing a book – if you have some spare time.

  2. Tara Jade said

    Oh, that‘s so sad 😦 I‘m glad I‘m not that friend. But it‘s very copy-pastable to all of us, isn‘t ? It right away made me think of few people I‘d like to get in contact with and I haven‘t in ages. I‘ll take this as a sign 🙂
    Great post! 😉

    • Thanks!
      I was supposed to be all of my friends/loved ones who I haven’t been able to spend time with over the years. Living in New Zealand and having small kids is confining….

  3. Seraina Keusch said

    Definitely a bit of a “tear-jerker” your letter and puts into words how I often feel about my long-lost friends; ones I think of frequently, but haven’t seen in ages… The world is so big and yet so small when considering how we all feel and experience many of the same things no matter where we are. Take care & thanks for all the meaningful writing you do!
    xoxo s.

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