Give away your mistakes, I say

March 31, 2013

So I made the girls dresses. I wanted them to have the same material, but I ended up making Kadie’s too small.


Good thing I know a couple of younger girls who might like it, so I’ll give it away.

Anabelle liked her new dress, essentially the same as her previous one. She just loves that blue fabric! Tomorrow, I’ll think of a way to add a little embellishment to the chest area… Three dresses in two days is enough to put me off the sewing machine for the night.

Here she is with her best grumpy face.


So I had to think of something else for Kadie.

I reused the fabric from the pillowcase dresses I made ages ago, which have largely remained unworn. Then I added a wee flower using the ribbon from the pillowcase dresses and it’s done. Kadie loves it.

Here she is eating a tomato with such gusto.


This was a cheap project. I had to buy the yellow fabric and the two yellow zips, but I had a coupon so I only paid a couple of bucks. Everything else I already had.

That blue flower fabric was an awesome score from an op shop and has well and truly done it’s dash.

This was also the first time I’ve ever sewn a zip! It wasn’t as scary as I thought, although I’ve got no idea how technically correct they are. Not that it matters if they work.

Visit the original tutorial here for the pattern and instructions.


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