Reversible Wrap Skirt

February 26, 2013


I wore this lovely number all day and didn’t get any compliments! Can you believe it!

I followed this free tutorial, specifically the beginner version. I omitted the pocket and substituted snaps for the tie. Just because that’s what I had in the house.

I had some trouble though and here is what I learned:

1. Do a test page and check that the PDF prints correctly before you print all zillion pages. Mine had all letters printed over each other and therefore were illegible. Good thing I’m a champion jigsaw puzzler.

2. Make sure you have enough ink before you start printing. That is not a lesson I learned the hard way. Ever.

3. If you are doing the beginner pattern, you don’t need to print the advanced pattern and vice versa. It will save you same paper. It’s all the same PDF though, so select the pages you need.

4. I’m pretty sure you are supposed to invert the pattern when you cut your second piece of the same fabric. Otherwise you end up with exact copies, not mirrored ones. It will make sense if you do it, trust me.

5. When you’re hammering the snaps, put a breadboard under your pieces. (Ooops, sorry table)


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