Experiments don’t always work

January 6, 2013

IMG_2446I was sure this was going to be a fabulous way to dress up the rather plain bamboo blind we had installed in the kitchen.

I researched some awesome patterns, carefully cut sponges in the right shape and added the designs to the blind.

It looked great!







Until we hung it up.


The bamboo bits are too far apart and you basically couldn’t see the colour at all. Oh well.

Good thing all it cost me was some paint and one sponge (all of which we had lying around the house anyway).






At least you can see the patterns when it’s dark.

(Happy to post instructions if people would like a tutorial.)


3 Responses to “Experiments don’t always work”

  1. Barbara Tenner said

    You could try painting it on both sides but at least you have the “surprise” design showing up at night! Good work!

  2. Purvi said

    Would love instructions actually! Love your blinds 😊

    • Thanks Purvi! There wasn’t much to it. Just find a pattern you like, cut some sponges into appropriate shapes and choose some nice colours. Just don’t make the same mistake I made 🙂

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