48 Date Nights

December 30, 2012

This is a good gift idea for couples this Xmas. Inspired by this on Pinterest, I adjusted it slightly. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my own.)

Using colour-coded ice-cream sticks I picked up at the craft shop, I labeled them with different date night ideas.

Red = Home-based activities (including three purple XXX ideas)

Green = Outside, mostly free ideas (could mostly be done as a family)

Yellow = Some cost involved, even if only a baby-sitter.

I popped them in a jar. (Steve kindly cut them down for me so they would fit). Added a label, decorated the jar a bit and hey presto, neato couples Xmas present. A different activity for most weeks of the year. You could easily adapt this to only be activities for families.

Here are the various activities:

Red = Home-based activities:

  • Chinese meal and a Chinese movie
  • Discover a new (or old) TV series
  • Mutual back massage
  • French dinner and a French movie
  • Play on online game together
  • Make art only using items in the house
  • Indian dinner and Bollywood movie
  • Her choice – movie night
  • His choice – movie night
  • Spend an entire day in bed…reading
  • Set up creative couples photo shoot
  • Play board games
  • Make and post a creative and cheesy Youtube video

Green = Outside-mostly free- activities

  • Test-drive an expensive car
  • Random acts of kindness – give away flowers to strangers
  • People watch in a public place and make up a spy-story / post it online
  • Picnic in the country
  • Visit a local / small art gallery
  • Random acts of kindness – wrap and leave presents for children to find
  • Random acts of kindness – pay compliments to strangers
  • Go crazy at a video arcade
  • Go geocaching
  • Spend the day at markets / garage sales
  • Create a photo-scavenger hunt – bonus: base it on your favourite film or the 80’s
  • Be a tourist in your own city
  • Search for evidence of the invisible man
  • Feed the birds
  • Volunteer together for a good cause
  • Make your own boats and race them on the river

Yellow = Some cost involved

  • Go to the theatre or comedy club
  • Find and join a pub quiz or organise one for your friends
  • Go see a local band
  • Find a jazz club
  • Enter a competition together
  • Find and attend a poetry night – bonus: write and read your own
  • Karaoke!
  • Visit a planetarium
  • Dessert-only night out
  • Appetizers-only night out
  • Research the architecture in your local area and to on a tour
  • Do a new sport together (driving range/archery/shooting)
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Go camping / cook foil dinner on a fire
  • Go out for fancy cocktails / or investigate and discover different beer
  • Couples massage at spa

One Response to “48 Date Nights”

  1. Emily said

    Don’t know if you saw this one K but I thought it was cool – similar idea for kids during the holidays and uses pinterest pictures http://mermag.blogspot.co.nz/2012/06/summer-fun-jars.html – I’m planning to do it next year when Isaac is a bit bigger!

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