Inventing recipies, destroying evidence

September 25, 2012

I was bored last week so I made these little balls of deliciousness.

Essentially I mixed up icing sugar, peanut butter and left over cream-cheese. (I avoided checking the best-by date, smell test was scientific enough evidence that it was still good.)

I crumbled in some Graham cracker-type things and may have added a spoon or two of flour, but I can’t remember. Essentially I just kept adding stuff until it resembled cookie dough.

Then I rolled them in melted chocolate. Oh yeah I did.

Then I ate them. All of them. Turns out nobody else in my family liked them and even though the plan was to bring them in to work, well, it just didn’t work out that way. But they’re made with peanut butter, so they’re healthy right?


One Response to “Inventing recipies, destroying evidence”

  1. They look yummy – I don’t blame you for not sharing!

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