That very night, a forest grew and grew

August 19, 2012

For a while now I’ve been lusting after those trendy wall decals I’ve seeing online. Last night I decided to try my hand at painting something along those lines on our lounge wall.

Our house is a doer-upper and we are still in the process of doing it up. Parts of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom are complete, but in other areas, like our lounge, it ain’t.

I figured that it would be worth experimenting to see how it would turn out. If it was terrible, it might just motivate us to redo this room sooner.

I was considering a number of different images, like the ‘bird on a wire’ or ‘wind-blown tree’ ideas. In then end I settle on the ‘birch tree forest‘ because I wanted something that would imply depth. It is also a relatively easy image, as opposed to a multi-coloured image.

I found the image I liked best and used it as a guide. First I did a pencil line drawing, mixed some paints and just went for it. This photo shows the different ‘heights’ of each tree, adding to the depth illusion.

The outcome is pretty decent actually. I made sure the first two trees were darker and that the trees which are ‘further back’ are lighter. I kept mixing the paints so that I would get different shades and create texture. This was also because I was in danger of running out of paint. My paints were acrylics.

The main trees are yellow ochre, black and white. The paler trees are done with a brighter yellow and a smidge of dark red, which I then also used on the darker trees.

It took three hours, but it was heaps of fun to paint on the wall and I think it turned out pretty cool! The kids sure were surprised in the morning when they saw it.

I’m now debating adding birds (probably just as silhouettes like the decal that inspired me) or even a little fox, poking it’s head out from behind one of the trees, but will just live with it for a while to see what feels right.


2 Responses to “That very night, a forest grew and grew”

  1. Wendy Woo said

    Wowsers, I love this SO MUCH. As in, looking at my walls wondering where you might have to paint them. 🙂

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