Back off Bella

August 15, 2012

Lately I’ve been seeing a couple of jpegs floating around Facebook and Pinterest about how weak the Bella Swan character in the Twilight books is. In one image it said ‘Bella Swan, the worst thing for feminism since sandwiches’.

It got me thinking.

Sure Bella has many faults, but the whole thing feels kinda ‘victim-blamey’ to me. I would much rather draw attention to the controlling man in this scenario.

Bella isn’t a good role-model for girls, but howcome I can’t find any scathing jpegs of Edward Cullen, pointing out, that he is a controlling menace?

We heap scorn on Bella for being ‘weak’ and giving up so much to be with Edward, but Edward receives relatively little condemnation.

If we are going highlight Bells’ faults, can we at least award the same criticism to Edward as representing a step backward for decent men folk too.


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