Shampoo-free week 2 and 3.. and 4

July 1, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates. Yes, I am a slacker.

Week two passed similarly to week one. I managed to wash (with baking soda) on Monday and Thursday and then I toughed it out for the weekend.

Week three I washed Monday and Friday (not the extra day in between).

I feel like I have more dandruff, but it’s not dramatic.

At this stage I’m not sure if I’m washing too much for my hair to self-correct and no longer require washing, so I’m just going to see what happens after 6-7 weeks.

But it’s probably safe to say that I no longer see the need for shampoo or conditioner, so even if my hair doesn’t become self-cleaning, I quite like the condition of my hair after a baking soda and vinegar wash.

Week four I noticed (I think it was Friday) a heck of a lot of dandruff. Not sure if this is how things will even out or if this is just a phase.

I’m pretty impressed that I am four weeks into this experiment already. I even gave away the shampoo I had in the house. (Now I live in fear of running out of baking soda.)



2 Responses to “Shampoo-free week 2 and 3.. and 4”

  1. me said

    So it wasn’t snow thats been lying around the house.

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