June 15, 2012

Ever heard an old song which reminds you viscerally of a time, place or person?

A song which catapults you back in time to a textured emotional space you had long not thought of.

(But not forgotten, oh no, not forgotten).

A song which temporarily halts your current reality and cradles you in a memory.

What happens to those emotions, the ones at the time we felt we couldn’t contain, our bodies simply to small. Emotions which often burst forth in honest and messy outpourings, like spittle when you suddenly bark laughter.

Do they stay stuck in that past moment, like a lump in the throat of time. Forever linked to person and place.

Do they transform, and if so, what could that be.

What form could they possibly take which could do justice, which would give them an way to exist separately from our hearts.

These songs, like bungee cords between times, snap us back. They remind us of times, places, people but more deliciously, of feelings, vivid and aromatic, both sweet and bitter as only feelings of the heart can be.


4 Responses to “Loveridden”

  1. Your writing is very evocative (look it up!)

  2. Loveridden…has the feel of another era. I’ve always loved that song.

    • So true. Listening to Fiona always makes me think of your bff Debra/Maggie. She got me into her and we used to listen to Fiona on our road trips. Debra would always refer to artists casually, by their first names. Fiona, Tori, etc…

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