Quince Jelly

May 26, 2012

Made my second batch of quince jelly today.

I call it jelly because it has no bits, hence it’s not jam. Please correct me if this is incorrect.

My dad is a lover of quince jelly and when I saw them in the new-ish fruit market place I snapped them up.

My first batch was just half a small garlic jar’s worth.

(Hot tip: don’t reuse garlic jars for jamming. All the washing in the world can’t make that smell disappear)

This batch came out better and, more importantly, there is more of it.

If you’ve never had quince jelly, it’s simply delish. It has a delicate flavour and once sweetened up with all that sugar, it’s like champagne.

It’s just as beautiful to look at as it is to consume.




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