setting suns

May 13, 2012

Wait. Before you read this, make sure you’ve got 7 minutes to spare. If not, come back when you do.

I’ve recently discovered Zoe Keating, a cellist who creates A-mazing music. Again, hat tip to Radiolab.

She has a track called ‘Sun Will Set’.  You can listen to it free here. Please do so. Preferably now.

What follows is what I think about when I hear it.

It’s a 6+ minute piece. 6 minutes devoted to those moments, when the sun slips beneath our horizon and out of our sight.

It’s an invitation to sit and contemplate this daily event, which we usually ignore, but which can be a source of tremendous beauty.

It starts with anticipation and then adds strokes of beauty and delightful rhythm, but then takes on a deeper, more serious tone.

The changes reflecting how a sunset evolves and is never the same twice due to the nuances of our environment.

The music layers upon itself which enables me to appreciate that same sun sinking over and over and in different ways.

While the sun and the earth aren’t doing anything different to what they’ve done for eons, my observation of these events is now somehow made grand.

I am bearing witness.

The music is so uplifting that I originally thought it should have been called ‘sun will rise’, but after the music fades, it makes sense.

After all, one person’s sunset, is another person’s sunrise.


And if you’ve listened to it and you’re wondering, she played each note and layered and looped it herself.


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