May 5, 2012

This morning my 5+ year daughter slipped in to my bed for a snuggle.

She looked at my face and said, ‘mum, you’ve got wrinkles’.

‘I know!’ I said with enthusiasm. ‘Isn’t it great? It means I’ve been laughing alot’.

I went on to explain that wrinkles were a sign that you’ve had a good life and that you’ve had lots of laughter.

She promptly laughed and asked; ‘Mum? Have I got wrinkles yet?’ Laughed again. ‘How about now?’

I told her she would have to laugh many more times in her life to earn her own wrinkles.

Not a bad ambition to have.


One Response to “Wrinkles”

  1. My God! I must have laughed A LOT in my life! Thank goodness they came from a happy source, and not a crying one….
    Thanks for that insight. I hope to create many more wrinkles.

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