Homemade Gummies

April 9, 2012

Ok, when I say easy. I mean reaaaly easy. In fact we need a word for easy which is only one syllable. That would help explain just how easy this was.


One box of Jelly powder + 14 grams of gelatine + 1/3 cup of water + cool mold = awesome treat…..

Here is the link for hilarious post which inspired me to do this.

It’s all about the mold though. You might remember this one from my failed crayons. (Rest assured that I did wash the mold really well before using it for food production.)

Personally I’ll add slightly less gelatine next time because they were pretty solid.

I thought it might be a good idea to roll them in icing sugar so they wouldn’t become tacky. Bad idea. The icing sugar went all gooey and sticky. So we just had to eat them.


2 Responses to “Homemade Gummies”

  1. glad you enjoyed them! Yeah, I agree that they are a tad solid reducing the gelatin to 10g worked but they got sticky. Seems the kids really didn’t care they just loved having lego lollies.

    Thanks for the link back xx

  2. lisa said

    “…infact we need a word for easy that is only one syllable”.
    Karin that is pure brilliance. Really.

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