Two other things I made

March 8, 2012

Air freshener

It seems to work. Take small jar (I used a hand-cream jar), punch some small holes, dump in some baking soda and sprinkle some of your essential oil of your choice. Mine looks so non-descript but follow the link up for pretty pictures of the one that inspired me.



Fruit-fly catcher.

This DEFINITELY works. Take a jar (I used a pickle jar) put in a small amount of Apple Cider vinegar (seems to matter that it’s Apple) and add a little bit of dish soap. Fashion a cone out of paper that is wide enough at the top so that it doesn’t touch the liquid at the bottom. The fruit flies fly in and can’t get out. I trapped loads in minutes.

Now if only I could figure out how to get rid of house flies…. Does anyone have any tips?


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