Not correcting this one

March 7, 2012

In this case I’m not a fan of reality.

AB had her triathlon the other day. It was supposed to be on the weekend but due to awesome torrential rain it was rescheduled for a weekday. Sadly this meant we couldn’t go and watch her first sporting event.

She was pretty upset when I dropped her off because she knew we couldn’t come to watch. She was also upset because, and I quote, ‘Bobbie (not real name) is always the fastest.’ I told her that I would be so proud if she just tries her best and more importantly if she has fun.

I came home later that day and she told me that she came first! She won! I said that I thought Bobbie was the fastest kid in the class. She said: ‘Yes, but worked and I worked and then I came first!’ She has a medal which she slept with that night.

I saw her teacher the next day and mentioned that AB said she came first. The teacher in a kind way, suggested that this might not be what happened, which is what I suspected. But I decided that I am very happy letting AB live in the belief that she is FAST. She can file that away as a truth in her head.

I. Am. Fast.

What a wonderful truth to hold as a five year old. Perhaps she approach the next event from that premise. I AM FAST. She may feel more enthusiastic about it, safe in the knowledge that I AM FAST, I CAN DO ANYTHING.

Maybe I’m over emphasising the potential impact of this truth, but I’m happy to take that chance.


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