Upcycled my own lampshade

March 3, 2012

Watch me transform my manky flypoo-bespeckled lampshade into a trendy band-spanking new one.

The old shade was nice when it was new. It was a nice cream colour and the shape was pleasing to my eye. A short but wide cylinder.


But the fly poo marks were really getting me down. They were just gross. De-stgusting. Turn away if you are faint of heart. (or  my mum)











So inspired by this link I found through pinterest I decided to use some of my growing pile of fabric to give it a make-over.

I completed it in three simple steps.

Cut the fabric.

Stick it on

Trim the edges


Then spend an hour painstakingly folding under a few inches of the edge and gluing it. Yup, three simple and one tricky, fiddly and very gluey-fingery step.

So four really, four steps.




The original tutorial recommends fabric glue but because I didn’t have any and I wasn’t going to wait until I can be bothered getting some, I used this spay on glue stuff. You have to be careful not to use too much otherwise it bleeds through. I have to say though it worked really well to glue on the main fabric, but was a bit less helpful while doing the edge.


I debated just wrapping the fabric around the edge but I’m glad that I did the folded edge look. It looks pro if I do say so myself.


Flash on








Flash off. This photo is a good reminder to cut the edges straight and small as they do show through.



One Response to “Upcycled my own lampshade”

  1. Tammy said

    Beautiful! I love it with the light on and off – and it seems to look quite different.

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