Quick response on the Grammar Policy Meme

February 22, 2012


I’m personally getting a little tired of the grammar/spelling police meme floating around on facebook at the moment.

It seems a shame I need to point out that there are so many people for whom English is not a first language, who didn’t have the privilege of attending high-quality or higher educational institutions or who experience health/learning difficulties which impact on their grammatical or spelling abilities.

Essentially we we are making fun of people for being less than perfect in this version of this particular language. (The Oxford comma is an example of a rule which is applied in one group of English speakers and not another. Hattip to ma buddy Shawn for that one.)

I know what it’s like to not be a first language speaker in the place I call home.

I welcomed it when people helpfully helped me understand and point out my errors, but spare a thought for those who have overcome huge barriers just to be as good as they are, even if that falls short of your standards.


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