A Sad Day

November 14, 2011

Yesterday was a very sad day.

We decided to have our dear dog, Honey, put down.

Her health was rapidly deteriorating and it was painful for us to watch and clearly painful for her.

She spent her last night walking around the garden constipated due to growths in her abdomen. She had started avoiding us and had no energy.

The lovely vets came to our house and we let the girls give her cuddles and we told her we love her. We thanked her for all the good times and then I took the girls outside to pick flowers.

Steve stayed with her and Honey died in his arms, where she was most happiest. When I came back into the house, Steve was holding her, wracked with grief.

Honey was the best dog I’ve ever known. She was a swimmer of oceans, chewer of logs, lover of children, chaser of cats and snorer of sleeps.

She was completely awesome with children with a sweet disposition. Even some people who didn’t like dogs liked her.  She completely and totally adored Steve and would pine for him if he was away.

As sad as I am to have lost this sweet soul, I know that Steve is completely cut up to have lost his loyal mate.


One Response to “A Sad Day”

  1. Lisa said

    Honey Dog – miss you too – lived with you for 2ish years and you were always fab – boy did you pine for Steve alright – true loyalty there. My dear friend Steve – big hugs to you, thinking of you, what more can one say 🙂

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