Progress… of sorts

November 13, 2011

This afternoon, with my resilience being at medium to rare, I saw that the craft cupboard was open with step-stool in front of it. Further investigation revealed that indeed a container of gold glitter had been liberally distributed in the lounge. It was on the kids table, the couch that had all the cushions on it, the couch that has particularly good fluff-catching ridges and the desk chair.

I’m very proud that I didn’t start screaming and instead applied some of the suggestions from the book ‘how to talk so your kids will listen’. Despite the fact that my blood was boiling, I stated what I observed (There is glitter everywhere) and asked the kids what we should do about it.

To their immense credit they suggested they vacuum the room which they did. Each of them did a portion of the work and despite the fact that it took a whole grueling ten minutes for each of them, they stuck with it. I’m proud of them and me for a much more educational outcome than me hitting the roof like I usually would.

I’ll also share that later I found that the rest of the glitter container was tucked up safely in ABs bed and within minutes the newly vacuumed lounge had flower petals all over it. My reaction was not quite as serene as previously but y’know, I’m still working on accessing my zen place in moments of parenting trauma like this.


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