My kinda school

November 11, 2011

Yesterday while leaving school after dropping of AB, I saw a small boy crying by the front gate. I was consoling him when two older girls came, cooed over him and offered to take him to his classroom. I was very impressed.

Today I saw a wee boy fall over and lie crying holding his sore leg. Two older boys went to him, scooped him up and took care of him.

Both incidences made me all weepy and in a happy-this-is-our-school kinda way. Happy to know that if that had been my daughter, she would have been looked after so well.

So today I went to tell the Principal how impressed I was, which she appreciated.

These are the values I want my kids to learn. In my mind, at this age, these lessons are more important than reading, which I’m pretty sure they’ll pick up almost accidentally.



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