My snails have escaped – part 1

November 10, 2011

How I wish that title was a metaphor…

I decided to catch, cook and eat some snails. Why not? It’s free food. It’s squicky enough that the girls are interested.

Yesterday AB and I collected about 8 snails, washed them and put them in an ice-cream container. (I’m following Gordon Ramsay’s instructions).

Today I realised that there are only two snails in the container. I tried to follow the trails but that haven’t found any yet.

The worst part is that when I walk around the kitchen I keep waiting for that loud crunch of finality.

So where would you go if you were a snail?

Would you head towards the potted plants? The drain? The rubbish bag?




2 Responses to “My snails have escaped – part 1”

  1. Kay said

    I usually find snails settle on flat surfaces, either up walls or on the underside of benches and similar. Yes they will eat vegetation so if you have lettuces or suitable plants in your kitchen maybe they will be there … but more likely on a window, or wall, or underside of cupboards.

  2. Good advice Kay. I found one in my potted fern and one under the bread board (just a little too late).

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