Worth repeating

October 26, 2011

Seven Survival Signs by Protect Self-Defense

Techniques that potential attackers use to manipulate situations to their advantage. I got this from a course I went to and I’ll post again when I have more dates for upcoming courses. The thing I took away most from the course is that your gut is worth trusting.

1) Forced Teaming – Often used with the word “We”. This is where the potential attacker attempts to strike up a rapport with you by assuming/creating a shared position. For example, you are waiting at a bus stop, a stranger is sitting next to you. He asks what bus you are catching. He then says something like “The bus is late, what are WE going to do” He is attempting to establish a rapport through sharing common ground which he will use to further manipulate the situation to his advantage.

2) Too much information (too many details) – When someone is lying or deceiving, they put in too many details to attempt to make it more believable and also to distract you. The intended attacker will throw so many details at you that you may lose track of what’s happening and mask the actual context of the situation – which is, that he is a stranger.

3) Unsolicited Promise – “Can I use your phone?” “No” “Please, I’ll only be a minute, I promise.” This is defending something which is not being attacked. The promise is out of context and should serve as a danger signal. The person can see that you doubt him and that is why they add “I promise”. When you hear that, you can say to yourself “you’re right, I do doubt you, for good reason!”

4) Charm – It is important to remember that charm is an ability. Consciously tell yourself that this person is trying to charm me rather than he is charming, and you will be able to see around it.

5) Loan Sharking – This is where the person has done something for you and now wants something in return. For example, he offers to help carry your groceries to your apartment. Once there, he now asks to be let in for a drink. You may feel that because he has done you a favour, that you at least owe him that – and it is this feeling that the predator is depending on. When you decline to let him in, he may say something like “I carried your groceries, the least you could do is let me in for a drink”. Stay strong and focused on what is happening, it is a deliberate and calculated manipulation.

6) Discounting the word “no” – No is a complete sentence. The person who ignores it is trying to control you. Never ever negotiate or dilute the word “No”. If you do, you are relinquishing control of yourself over to the other person.

7) Type Casting – When somebody will use a small insult to get you to respond and engage in conversation with you. “There is such a thing as being too proud your know.” Keep your awareness high and ignore the temptation to respond, remove yourself from the situation as fast as possible.




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