Ten best egg cartoon critters

October 21, 2011

I’m doing a bit of research on egg-cartoon critters for my November Calendar of Craft project. There are quite a few different designs out there so I thought I would list them in a ‘Ten Best’ list. (I hear all the cool blogs do this occasionally).

Most of these only require paint and glue, but some also require googly eyes, pipe cleaners and paper. Just use them as inspiration and be creative! I found one site that had created a whole aquarium of critters!


1. Ladybugs… by far my favourite

These have googly eyes but you could just paint those on like this person did.






2. Turtle… for the more artistically inclined and more basic ones for the likes of me








3. Owl..








4. Cat…










5. Batty bat…








6. Piggy Pig…

and a more artistic version







7. Fishy Fish

and another







8. Crabby Crab








9. Penguin







10. Spider







Honourable mention. I also found an elephant design but couldn’t copy the photo, so here’s the link


2 Responses to “Ten best egg cartoon critters”

  1. lisa said

    I live the names! Batty Bat and Piggy Pig. Did you make those up? Childy Child for a baby’s name anyone? Totty Tot? Cutey Cute?

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