Calendar of Craft – October

October 15, 2011

Got my craft on today.

This is one of my October projects for my Calender of Craft. After buying a heart-shaped hole-puncher I had oodles of fun making these. This link will show the specifics of how it’s made but I didn’t use a jam jar lid. Instead I punched out pieces from the book cover, glued a ribbon in between another piece of book cover and voila… c’est magnifique. A little glitter mixed with glue adds a touch of glam.

The lucky recipient was Natalie H. who celebrated her birthday at Siem Riep last night. mmmmm nom nom nom….

I’ve got a couple other projects on the go which I can’t wait to show you! My November project is coming along nicely!

Stay tuned….


One Response to “Calendar of Craft – October”

  1. […] not a huge fan of how these came out and preferred the rosette ornaments I made previously. I used PVC glue and that made it pretty wet to work with. They dried nicely […]

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