Calendar of Craft

October 7, 2011

To motivate and inspire me to create craft and write about it I am announcing my ‘Calendar of Craft’.

I’ll craftify (yes it’s a word) one birthday present each month for a friend or blog reader.

I’m inviting you, dear readers, to nominate yourself and your birthday month if you would like to be on my ‘Calendar of Craft’. If I get two for one month we might need to come up with creative solutions…

First in to comment, first serve!


6 Responses to “Calendar of Craft”

  1. Lisa said

    Pick me pick me! Except my birthday was last month and I don’t have the patience to last a year to see your crafty brilliance, so pick Leo pick Leo. November.

  2. I got a little girl whose B-day is just around the corner!

  3. megan said

    My b’day is conveniently in November. (fyi: I like edible things).

  4. […] is one of my October projects for my Calender of Craft. After buying a heart-shaped hole-puncher I had oodles of fun making these. This link will show the […]

  5. […] doing a bit of research on egg-cartoon critters for my November Calendar of Craft project. There are quite a few different designs out there so I thought I would list them in a […]

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