Poetry, or something

October 5, 2011

My mom emailed me this today. I wrote it for her when I was at Uni. I was so deeeep dude…


Layer me with the petals of summer,

Lightly they brush against my skin like butterfly wings,

their scent rising as I sink beneath their velvet tongues.


Cover me with the leaves of the fall,

Gently, one on one, more join to form a golden

surface to weave the wind away from my bones.


Bury me with the winter snow,

Softly, it weighs on my eyes, closing the world

over me as I lie in rest with dreams of spring.


2 Responses to “Poetry, or something”

  1. Lisa said

    Is part of being a parent keeping things your children wrote/did for decades and decades? Whoever makes up these rules should supply us with storage facilities…

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