I got skills

September 29, 2011

Some time ago I went to a meeting at work and, as I often do, I volunteered to facilitate the meeting. I checked half-way through to see if I was doing it effectively. Somebody said I was doing a good job. Then somebody else said:’That’s because she’s a good mom’.

Which pissed me off. I didn’t say anything at the time because I am one of those boneheads that only thinks of things after it’s too late. But what I should have said was: ‘No, it’s because I’m a good manager. I don’t negotiate nearly this much with my kids.’

[end rant]


2 Responses to “I got skills”

  1. Lisa said

    Who said it? a man or woman? (and does it make a difference?)

    • twas a woman. but not sure it matters. I was just annoyed that I couldn’t just be good at my job. It had to be because I’m a mahthur… because that’s our true value, ain’t it

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