First of many I’m sure…

September 11, 2011

Thought I would try my hand at stencils…Mainly because Anabelle’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to give her a T-shirt which has Totoro on it. (If you don’t know the film My Neighbour Totoro, I highly recommend it). I figured it would be hard to find a T-shirt with that kind of image so I thought I would make one.

Contact paper, a decent design and some time yielded some cool results…These are three little stretch-n-grows I made for my pregnant friend. She is a crafty woman herself, so she appreciated the hand-made effort.

You can basically use any photo and this link will take you through some basic steps to adapt the photo for a stencil design. You can also just google ‘[image] stencil’ and you’ll probably find something close to what you are looking for.

The Axolotl was a photo which I adapted by faffing around on Photoshop but the others were stencils I found online.

At first I was able to print directly on to the back of the contact paper but then the printer jammed so I have done another by printing on paper and then ‘tracing’ the image with a razor blade on contact paper.

Lessons learned? Simple designs are good. As much as possible ensure the white spaces are connected otherwise they ‘float’ (like the Axolotl’s eyes) which can be a pain if you have too  many of them.

I’ll upload more photos as I do more, which I’m sure I will.


One Response to “First of many I’m sure…”

  1. Wendy said

    Axolotl = CITES species. Just sayin’.

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