August 27, 2011

I looooove how these came out. Watch out friends and family! Expect soap for birthdays, Xmas and Sunday afternoon teas.

Again, hat-tip to Under The Table and Dreaming, but with a twist. These soaps are made by first grating a plain bar of soap (I used Dove, but I suppose any plain soap will do), adding Lavender from our garden and a few drops of essential oils and food colour.

Steve had the idea to reuse my lollipop forms. Indeed inspired!


(I suppose I should have included photos of the ones the girls did, but quite frankly mine a waaay more gorgeous)










One Response to “Soapy-soap-soap”

  1. Lisa said

    Excuse me full-time-worker, mother of two – where do you find the time? Do you have Hermoine’s time turner? Can I borrow it?

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